Pink bread

Pink bread

210ml (7.2oz) water  
120gr (½cup - 4oz) cake flour  
150gr (½cup-3.5oz) Semolina  
80gr (0.3cup-2.8oz) Bread flour  
70gr (0.3cup-2.4oz) boiled and crushed beetroot  
1 cube of fresh yeast  
1½ tsp salt  
1½ tsp sugar  
1tbsp extravirgin olive oil

With a kneader or a bread machine:
Put all ingredients into the kneader or the bread machine, following the constructor's instructions, selecting kneading program (the basic one), for bread machine. At the beep add beetroot

Without a kneader or a bread machine:
Mix all flour with salt, add by degrees warm water and then yeast melted in a bit of water with sugar. Knead until you'll obtain a very elastic dough, then add oil and beetroot. Knead other 5minutes. Leave the dough to rise for two e for two hours.

Form rolls and place them on a baking sheet. Bake at 230°C (450F - gas mark 8) for about 15 minutes.