Touring Italy with Lucas

 Touring Italy with Lucas

10 days of traveling in beautiful cities, drinking good wine and eating good food.

1st day:
We will meet in Vicenza, a beautiful medium size city out of the tourist track. We will arrange for you a nice hotel with a accomodation so you can rest of your long trip from United States.

In order to help you to get adjusted on the Italian time zone we will go for a bar hopping. We will visit one of the best coffee shops of Italy and three different bars around downtown and in each bar we will drink a local wine and talk about it like on a wine tasting.

After the bar hopping we go for a dinner where we will get to know eachother.

2nd day:
The second day you are maybe still jet lagged, but don't worry. We will take it easy. We will go to a Small family owned Frantoio (Olive oil Farm)- On the Frantoio you will learn how Olive oil is made and ba able to taste different kinds of Olive oil and products made with Olive oil. After the olive oil tour we will go to have lunch on a small family run Osteria and then for 'dessert' we will move towards Valpolicella where we will go to two wineries and taste one of the best wines prodeced in the world, Valpolicella, Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone.
For this night we will go all for a goumet pizza on a beautiful restaurant downtown Vicenza.

3rd day:
After our breakfast we will take a train to the city that is on my opinion the most beautifull city in this world, Venice.
Arriving in Venice I will take you to a workers class bar where you can have the real feel of Venitians and taste the working class wine.
After the wine we will visit the Jewish Ghetto and move towards the Saint Mark Square.
We will walk around downtown and have luch on a very good restaurant. On the afternoon we will go for a cicchetti on a very cool little bar where just locals know about it.
On this day we will walk a lot. In Venice pretty much everything is by foot or boat, so prepare yourself with comfortable shoes.

4th day:
After an intensive day of walking around Venice this day will Sparkle your trip. We will do the prosecco road and visit the beautiful hills of Valdobiadene. 

5th day:
Very early we will say bye to Vicenza and board on a nice comfortable bus to the food heaven. On this day we will visit the Parmigiano cheese factory, Parma ham factory, a small producer of Balsamic vinegar and we will finish our trip in Bologna where we will stay on a nice hotel downtown.

6th day:
We will be waking up on the food capital of Italy. On this day Lucas will bring you to a food tour around Bologna. We will walk around downtown, visit a historical stock market, the oldest college of the world and visit the oldest bar of Italy and taste a delicious Lambrusco with local ham cuts and cheeses then we will go to Lucas favorite restaurant and have a real lasagne Bolognese with a very good of San Giovese wine. On the afternoon we will taste one of the best gelatos of Italy as well, another historical place. Bologna is a very interesting city and is completely out of the tourist beaten path. At the night for the people that are still hungry we will go to a rustic and traditional osteria where they just have three things on the menu and one is the Tagliatelle alla Bolognese.

7th day:
After breakfast we will move towards the train station to catch the most modern and fastest train in Europe, Italo. Our ride to Florence will be just 37 minutes and we will be on the first class drinking prosecco. The trip is so short that we might have just enough time for one glass.
Arriving in Florence we will check in on a nice hotel right in front of Duomo. Your windows will likely have a view to one of the most prettiest churches in Italy. After checking in we will go again for a tour around the city and have lunch on a whole in the wall where they make simple but delicious food. We will walk around the city and taste a typical wine from Tuscany with cantucci. Vin santo.

8th day: