Bruschetta con crema di zucca e noci

Four slices of bread that you like in your bruschetta
200g your favourite squash
1 shallot
A hand full of walnuts
4 tbsp Olive oil
200g of Philadelphia or Stracchino cheese
A pinch of nutmeg
Salt & Pepper
White wine if necessary (If not necessary just drink it!)
Garlic to rub the bread

Cut the squash in cubes. In a pan, add the oil and the shallots finely chopped. When the shallots are getting darker add the squash and let cook until soft, if start to brown to much add a sip of white wine or water. After about 20 minutes when the squash is soft, turn of heat, add just one tbsp cheese and start smashing the mixture with a fork. Add as well salt, pepper and nutmeg. Make the bruschetta at the oven or toaster and rub garlic on the bread. Add the mixture on the top and add as well some cheese and walnuts.
This recipe is perfect for a rich and easy snack! Goes perfect with flowery white wines from the North East of Italy as Soave, Garganega and Vespaiolo or even Tirolese wines as Gewürztraminer.