Chestnut fettuccine with pumpkin and bacon

Chestnut fettuccine with pumpkin and bacon

Serves 3-4
For the pasta dough: 
120gr (½cup - 4oz) chestnut flour  
180gr (0.8cup - 6.4oz) Semolina
3 eggs

For the dressing: 
180gr (0.8cup - 6.4oz) pumpkin  
150gr (0.66cup - 5.3 oz) smoked bacon

Mix together chestnut and hard wheat flour and eggs and leave the dough to rest about half an hour. Roll out the dough with the pasta machine or the rolling pin, then cut it with the fettuccine accessory if you use the pasta machine, otherwise do like this: roll the sheet of dough up into a tube, then slice the tube into rounds of 1cm wide and shake the skeet out with your hands to free the strands; set them to dry on a rack for few hours.

For the dressing, in a large saucepan fry bacon and then set aside. In the same saucepan melt some butter (about 2tbs or more) and brown pumpkin with the sage, thinly sliced, at medium heat for no more than 10 minutes, stirring often. In the meantime bring to boil salted water in a pot, then cook the tagliatelle for about 6-7 minutes, drain them in a colander and transfer into the pan, stirring well and cooking for two more minutes. Eventually add more butter. Serve hot.