Beer and butternut squash focaccia

2 cups of bread flour - 0 flour in Italy1 cup of semolina flour

1 fresh yeast or one sachet of powder (yeast for bread)
1 cup good quality beer (can be any beer, even dark)
1 tbsp salt
1/4 cup olive oil + oil to drizzle
Rock salt
Fresh sage
1 cup butter nut squash in pieces
Half red onion in jullien (optional)

In a big bow dissolve the yeast with one tbsp of honey. If the yeast is
 active, the yeast will become liquid. Add the beer and dissolve again.
 Add the semolina and the flour and mix with a spoon until is hard.
Add then the salt and 1/4 cup olive oil in your hands. Kneed for
about 3 minutes at the most. Flatten the dough in a big retangle
in a non stick pan or in a pan covered with baking paper. Make
little holes with your finger and add the sage, squash and red
onions, drizzle honey, olive oil and few pinches of rock salt.