Sugestion for Fall classes

Menu Suggestion for fall classes
All the classes includes wine as coffee

Classic meal
-Focaccia with rosemary
-Fresh pasta with sauce (Bolognese, Carbonara, Amatriciana, Putanesca, Pesto Genovese)
-Baked chicken with vegetables, olives and sausages

Menu del Castello
-Pesto bread filled with asiago cheese and walnuts
-The best bruschetta will you ever had!
-Bigoli with duck sauce
-Apple strudel served with gelato or poached pears with red wine served with gelato

Lasagna class
-Salad with pears, walnuts, truffle oil and cheese
-Traditional lasagna with homemade spinach pasta
-Pannacotta with berries
-Homemade limoncello (you will bring home what we prepare)

The tower menu
-Sage bread
-Lentil soup with chestnuts
-Ravioli filled with pears, served in cheese and walnuts sauce
-Amaretti and chocolate mousse

Menu Zucca
-Zucca Focaccia
-Zucca Ravioli with butter and sage
-Zucca Cappellacci with Sausage ragu
-Zucca Tiramisu

Sicilian menu
-Deep fried calzone with ham, cheese, oregano, olives and tomato sauce
-Arancini (risotto balls made with saffron, filled with meat and cheese deep fried)

Menu del Sud
-Garlic, cheese and oregano grissini
-Deep fried Pizza
-Homemade Amaretti and chocolate Semifreddo (the grandma of gelato)

Fall in Europe
-Homemade grissini with Parmiggiano cheese and walnuts
-Zucca ravioli with butter and sage or sausage ragu
-Pork fillet mignon served with mushroom sauce and healthy veggi mash
-Tarte Tatin (French Apple pie)

Brazilian fall
-Empanadas with cheese, meat and sqash
-Coconut shrimp served inside a pumpkin (Cooked with cilantro, ginger, lime, tomato, peppers, coconut milk)
-Fried Cassava
-Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate served with vanilla ice cream or Lime dessert

East European
-Poppy seeds bread
-Slovakian soup (Kapustnica)
-Homemade pierogi (Polish Style)
-Cheese Blintz 

Greek Party
-Skordalia with shrimps
-Stifado with potatoes