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Caponatina Siciliana

Caponatina Siciliana

* 1 eggplant (in small cubes)
* 1 onion, chopped
* 3 cloves of garlic, sliced
* ½ yellow bell pepper (in small cubes)
* ½ red bell pepper (in small cubes)
* 4 sticks of celery (in small cubes)
* 2 tomatoes, chopped (in small cubes)
* 1 cup of olives (pitted, in half)
* 2 Tbsp of capers
* ½ cup of balsamic vinegar
* Fresh mint or parsley - a few sprigs
* 2 Tbsp of raw (brown) sugar
* Olive oil (apprx ½ cup)
* Salt & Pepper to taste

Recipe of Caponatina Siciliana:
In a big (heavy bottom) saucepan, heat a few spoons of olive oil and lightly brown the onions and the garlic over medium-high heat.  Add the eggplant, peppers, celery, and capers reducing to a medium temperature (add olive oil if dry).  After 10 minutes add the tomatoes and turn the heating on high (the tomatoes will help "clean" the bottom of the pan).  After 5 minutes add the balsamic vinegar and capers.  Turn the heating off and add the mint, raw sugar, salt and pepper.  You can also add some chilli pepper flakes if you like spice.  Add remainder of olive oil to pan.

Storage of Caponatina Siciliana:
Jar in a sterol mason jam-jar (best for longer shelf-life), or any cleaned and sterilized jar.  Remember to add the caponata slowly to reduce the amount of trapped air and add olive oil to the top, refrigerate.  For the longest shelf-life, follow proper jarring procedures and heat-sealing.  **Prior to serving, remove from refrigerator and spoon into serving bowl, drizzle a little olive oil on top and a little fresh parsley.

Suggestions of use of Caponatina Siciliana:
As a dip with crackers
As a pasta sauce, adding a little tomato sauce
Pasta salad sauce (farfalle, penne, fusilli, any short pasta)