Pear ravioli with Parma ham and Gorgonzola sauce

Pear ravioli with Parma ham and Gorgonzola sauce
You can also substitute the Gorgonzola for other cheeses
For the dough:
-400g/4 cups 00 flour
-4 eggs
Using a fork begging mixing in the egg with the flour. Once egg has been mixed in enough, begin using your hands to work the dough. Continues until reaches a smooth consistency, adding a light dust of flour if necessary. Cover the dough with plastic wrap to protect from drying. For best results, let the dough rest for at least 10 minutes.
For the pear filling:
-2 ripe pears, grated with the skin
-1/2 cup of ricotta or gorgonzola dolce
-A pinch of ground nutmeg
Grate the pears and mix with the ricotta and nutmeg. The consistency needs to be firm.
Making the Ravioli:
1 - Roll the dough on your pasta machine until the number 6 if using a Marcato brand;
2 - Using a cutter, a glass or a jar, cut the dough in circles;
3 - Place heaped teaspoons of filling on your pasta sheet. Wet your finger with water and run it around the filling before folding the pasta onto itself so that the little mounds of filling are completely covered by pasta. Push down around the filling so that the pasta is well sealed, taking care not to trap air into the raviolo.
4 – Place the raviolis in a floured covered wood board;
5 – Boil them for not more than four minutes and toss with the sauce.
For the sauce:
-4 table spoons Gorgonzola dolce
-½ cup parma ham, chopped
-1 cup cream
-1 cup prosecco
-½ cup chopped walnuts
-1 table spoon, butter
-Salt & pepper
1 - In a big frying pan, brown the ham in butter in low heat;
2 – Combine the prosecco and stir the pan, turn heat on high and let reduce in half;
3 – Add the Gorgonzola and let it melt, then combine the cream and walnuts;
4 – Salt and Pepper and toss the ravioli with the sauce.