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Yiayia's Olives

Yiayia's Olives

Olives (whichever are your favorite, but yiayia only eats Kalamata olives!)
Olive oil
Red wine Vinegar
Dried oregano

Cut 4-6 garlic cloves in half lengthwise and chop one celery stick into 1cm slices. (note not to introduce ANY water to the jar or it can spoil).  Drain off all the brine from the olives, place the olives in a jar.  Add to the jar, the garlic, the celery and the oregano.  Shake and mix the ingredients up.  Slowly, add the olive oil and the vinegar until cover the olives (50% oil, 50% vinegar in the jar), and let sit for one week before consuming.  Periodically shake the jar to mix the olive oil and the vinegar.