Bigoli dough

Bigoli Dough Recipe:

Bigoli for four people:
400g (3cups) of flour ("00" or cake flour)
3 eggs (you can also use duck eggs, however their eggs a slightly bigger and modifies the recipe)
Water (small amount, appx 2-Tbsp)
Salt - 1 Tsp

In a bowl mix the flour and eggs with a fork until it has formed clumps in the flour.  Switch to using your hand(s) and mix rigorously.  When the dough has become one large ball, move to tabletop (preferably a wood surface) and continue to work and mix the dough with your hands just like any other pasta dough.  Bigoli is traditionally made using a torchio, make sure you load your pasta with it floured into the cylinder.  Begin to twist and cut twice for one cylinder load of dough.  flour liberally and ensure the pasta is not sticking.  Good job!

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