About Lucas:

     Lucas Migliorelli has lived and worked in six different countries all over the world.  His family immigrated to Brazil from Veneto and Le Marche region of Italy to escape war .  At a young age, Lucas enjoyed cooking with his grandmother and family.  Inspiration to cook, and food harmonization came naturally.  At 14, his nickname among his friends was "Lasagna".  He also was making small chocolates that he would sell to other kids at school, however, the school put a stop to it after lucas was making over a hundred dollars a day.
     Lucas's first job was working at a small Italian family restaurant at the age of 16 in San Paulo, Brazil.  His tallent and creativity gained a lot of attention when he won first place at a cooking competition among senior professional chefs at the young age of 18.  For one year, Lucas worked for Hotel Sofitel in Florianapolis, Brazil as a chef and learned french cuisine.  He then moved to Argentina to continue to learn about food/ wine, and begin his traveling experience.  In 2009, he moved to London to study the english language and again a new type of cuisine, this time, South African food.  The six months he spent in New Zealand was working with Italian food in both the north and south islands.  In Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lucas continued what he started in Brazil as a side job, personal chef work.
     Lucas now lives in Vicenza, Italy back where his family roots are in Veneto.  In his spare time, Lucas enjoys studying wine and food history, especially Italian.  His personality and presentation of his food makes him stand out among other chefs his age.  He now teaches cooking classes in centro storico tuned towards teaching Americans living in Vicenza.  Lucas is always happy to meet new people and is available as a personal chef for events or private parties.