Chicken with Leeks

-Six chicken thighs
-1 table spoon of oregano
-1 cup cream or mascarpone
-1 leek chopped
-1/4 cup Aceto Balsamico
-200g Parma ham or Black Forest ham, diced
-8 carrots, whole, just cut in half lengthwise
-Parmigiano cheese
-Salt & Pepper
-Crush red peppers (if desidered)
1 – Marinate the chicken thighs for six hours with the balsamic, oregano, pepper and crush red pepper;
2 – Mix the chicken with the leeks, carrots and ham. Place everything in a big baking dish;
3 – Bake it for 30 minutes in 190C / 370F. Keep looking every ten minutes while it bakes because the leeks can start to burn, if starts to burn, just mix with a spoon;
4 – Take out of the oven and mix the mascarpone/cream and the Parmigiano cheese;
5 – If your oven have the broiler function, broil for 10 minutes, until it gets all very crispy. If you don’t have this function on your oven, bake it at the highest temperature your oven can get for 10 minutes;

6 – Serve it.