Cheeses from Vicenza

Happy Asiago cows
The best-known cheese from Vicenza (widespread national and international distribution) is Asiago, named after its actual place of origin, the Asiago Plateau, a vast mountainous territory situated north of Vicenza city.
This cheese, made from cow’s milk and protected by the European PDO mark, can be eaten at different stages of maturity: after just 20-40 days it has a sweet, delicate flavour, or when left to age for 3 months to 2 years it acquires increasingly more flavour, becoming tastier and even piquant.
Other typical cheeses from the Vicenza area include: Morlacco, a soft table cheese with a very salty but not piquant flavour; Caprino cheese made from skim goat’s milk; Grana Padano PDO, its fragrance makes it ideal for grating onto pasta dishes; Provolone Valpadana PDO, a semihard cheese that is sweet tasting when fresh but piquant when matured; Stravecchio di Malga, a hard mature cheese with an original flavour; Bastardo del Grappa, a sweet-tasting, slightly aromatic cheese; Crescenza, a creamy cheese; Caciotta, a delicate-tasting soft fresh cheese.

Provolone Valpadana PDO

Asiago Cheese

Formaggio Caprino

Grana Padano

Stravecchio di Malga
Bastardo del Grappa
Formaggio Morlacco