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Vicenza Area

Dal Toso Copper shop
For who went to my house know that I love copper pans. I have copper pans hanging everywhere!
The majority of the pans come from the famous copper shop in Vicenza, Dal Toso. It's a historical place in Vicenza and they are beating copper pans since 1896, a long time! Alessandro and his dad are very passionate about their job all the pans are made by hand. Each pan is unique and you will not find nothing like that anywhere else. I'm addicted in buying things at that shop and a strongly recommend you to get at least a small pan as a souvenir of Vicenza!

Dal Toso
Address: Via Livio Zambeccari, 29 | zona Santa Lucia36100 VicenzaItaly 

Caffè Pigafetta 
Simply one of the best coffee shop in the world, and is in Vicenza!
Gigi and Carla
Pigafetta have a great varieties of coffees and teas. Also different ones like Caffe with pistachio cream, coconut, walnuts, tiramisu etc... When you order a cafe, you can choose when the beans come from. They have coffee from everywhere in the world.
When you get there, sit and wait to be served. They don't like when you order direct to them at the bar... Just relax and do be in rush!
They also have great varieties of teas. My favourite is the Passion fruit tea.
Other thing I like a lot at the Pigafetta is the Argentinian sweet called Alfajor, I lived in Argentina so when I eat that is like been transported again in the cosy coffee shops in Buenos Aires.
Carla, the owner is a very stylish lady, she speaks english and is very friendly.

Contrada Pescaria, 12, 36100 Vicenza VI, Italia

Piovene Porto Godi Winery
Absolutely my favourite winery. I love all their wines, is one of the few wineries that I like the white wines and aso the reds. Also a great selection of dessert wines. Very pretty place for pictures, the winery is a old villa with the berici hills on the back.
The owners all speak perfect english, super friendly people and you can see that they love what they do! You can also bring your guests or friends to a wine tasting, is just call them ahead and they will be there for you. The winery is located at the south of Vicenza, not far away. Make sure you go with a big car, because for sure you will bring a lot of wine back home. 

Via Villa 14
36021 Toara di Villaga (VI)
Tel. 0444 885142
cel. 340 8543966 
348 1492876 / 348 3035515

Fantasy pizza
Forget about fancy, this is a very simple place with a great pizza. When I'm there I mostly hear
southern Italian accents buying pizza there.  Fantasy pizza is just one mile out of downtown Vicenza. The owners are brothers  from Naples and the pizza tastes much better than any pizza I had around here. They have a wood fired oven stove that makes a big diference the dough is also raised for at list a day. No english speakers,  so you will have to figure out! My favourite pizza is the Burrata and Prosciuto crudo. As I said before, don't expect nothing fancy. You will not spend more than 10 Euros per person. You have to ask for cutlery if you eat there, 'posso avere un coltello e una forchetta?', that's what you have to say...! Beers and soda you get yourself at the fridge, is really inexpensive.!
Via Carlo Poerio, 436100 VicenzaItalia

Il Gelataio, Gelateria Artigianale
This gelateria is right behind the Fantasy Pizza. Very good Gelato and very crowded on the summer time. People drive from other places to have that gelato. It is one of the favourite gelaterias not just for me, but for a lot of Vicentinian people.

Viale Crispi 5736100 VicenzaItalia

Bacareto da Lele

"Bacareto da Lele" Venice is a snack bar where locals gather for lunch and happy hour to enjoy a glass of wine and a sandwich for a ridiculously cheap price! Bacareto da Lele is my favorite place to have wine and snacks in Venice. You can have great little sandwiches at Bacareto da Lele for about 1EUR and a glass of wine is cheap as 0,60EUR.

Bacareto da Lele address: Santa Croce, 183. Venice.


All'Osteria Bottega

La Bottega is my favourite restaurant in Bologna. Is for sure the best lasagna I ever had. Be patient because the service can take a while. They don't speak english and are not used to tourists so be aware of that. You should definitely try the lasagna and my favourite dessert ever is called the Nonna dessert, is a secret recipe that not even the chefs that work there know how to do it, the owner make it. The place is not really easy to find, but when you find you will for sure have a good meal! 

51 Via Santa Caterina40123 BolognaItaly
 051 585 111

Osteria del Sole

Osteria del sole is a unique place that I never seen before. Is a very rustic  and casual bar, very old is been around since 1465. 
Is not a bar that you go for just a drink, is a kind a picnic bar!... For more strange that this sounds is like that... Everyone that goes there, go to the markets first and get their favourite bread, cheese, hams and eat right there at the old bar. The bar have a very friendly atmosphere and is a must go in Bologna. Before go to the bar, you can pick some parmiggiano, pecorino, parma ham and salamis and bring to the bar. Don't be shy, you will se other doing that too.! The wine quality is not the best, but the bar is super cool! The place is a hole in the wall, don't be afraid of enter it!

Indirizzo: Vicolo Ranocchi 1/d40100 BolognaItalia


Antico Noe

Very tiny restaurant with good food and friendly service. The place is located in a little covered street that I enjoy a lot when I go to Firenze. The menu always change, but my favorite is when they have the Pappardelle al cinghiale. The wine selection is also great. Not many tourists go there, there will be mostly loud locals. In front of this restaurant there is a pub called Lions fountain, very fun place full of British and Aussie people. Always full when there is a rugby game. 

Volta di S. Piero, 6/8/r, 50122 Firenze

Pizzicheria Antonio Porrati

On the same street of the Antico Noe there is a very tiny deli shop. At this place you can eat very good food in a super good budget. I often eat the eggplant parmigiana and never spend more than 6EUR including wine. The place is been making food for more than 200 years and they also have ancient dishes like the peposo. If you are on a hurry, just order a Roasted pork sandwich to go for just 3EUR. There is seats outside where you can eat. There is no menu, just tell Antonio what you want. He is super friendly and a story teller, he explain me how to make an ancient dish from Florence and told me a lot of stories of Florence. Don't miss that place... Is a must go place in Florence at list to have a little snack. They speak English and are very cool people! They love when people take pictures at their place, so don't be shy! :)

30/R., Borgo Degli Albizi | Coin DE LA Place San Pier MaggioreFirenze 

Angolo della Pizza
Again super tiny place with the best pizza I ever had in Florence. They also have delicious sandwiches with truffles. Mostly of the customers are college students and workers. Very small place, there is a risk of not getting a place to seat. There is probably 8 seat maximum. You can order a fresh pizza or you can order by the piece. The price is ridiculously cheap for Firenze, and the quality super high. The glass, or better plastic cup of wine is 1EUR. They are from Napoli and they make the pizza on the Napoli Style. 

Via de' macci 76/78rFirenzeItalia