Bavaroise with white chocolate and mint sauce

300ml fresh whole milk
300ml heavy cream
3 eggs
100g white chocolate
50g sugar
1 vanilla bean
3 gelatine leaf of 1tbsp powder

For the mint sauce:
100g heavy cream
50g sugar
2 tbsp mint syrup

In a bowl with water, add the gelatine leafs to hydrate.  In a pan, heat the mild with the vanilla and add the gelatine leaves.
Separate the eggs in two bowls. Using a mixer, mix the egg yolks and sugar until is creamy. In another bowl, mix the egg whites until peaks.
Add the white chocolate on the pan and until melt.
In another bowl mix the heavy cream until is peaks.
Start folding all the ingredients. Be careful to do not over mix! :)
Put the Bavarese for at list 3 hours on the fridge!

Making the mint sauce:
In a small pan, heat the cream and sugar. Add the mint syrup and let reduce.