Semifreddo with Hazelnut chocolate cream, cookies and Amaretto

200g whipping cream
70g Mascarpone
70g Condensed milk
50g hazelnut chocolate cream (Nutella or similars)
1/4 cup Amaretto
1 tea spoon cocoa powder 
Your favourite chocolate cookies

In a big bowl, mix the condensed milk , hazelnut chocolate cream with mascarpone (try to heat the mascarpone on microwave, so is not so hard to mix) until is all incorporated. Then add the amaretto.
Using a mixer, whip the cream until is firm. You can test it turning the bowl upside down.
Fold the whipped cream with the mixture, fold very carefully to make it most fluffy as possible and slowly add crushed chocolate cookies.
You can set the semifreddo in espresso cups in the freezer for about two hours. 
Before serving, dust cocoa powder in the top and add a little bit more whipping cream.
It's possible to keep it for six weeks on the freezer.