Alla Norma, 'Alla Lucas'

Quick, easy, healthy and delicious option for a summer meal. This recipe is enough for 3 servings.

4 garlic cloves
4 tomatoes San Marzano (similar to Roma Tomatoes)
1 eggplant
10 basil leafs
1 cup ricotta
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper (You can add pepperoncino if you like spicy)

First thing to do is select the best ingredients you can possibly find. Finding a good ricotta and tomatoes is essential for the success! 

In a big frying pan, brown the garlic in abbondant olive oil. When the garlic is brown, toss the tomatoes cutted in cubes and cook just for one minute in high heat and turn it off...
In a separate pan fry the eggplant until brown, when brown add the balsamic vinegar and let the eggplant absorb all the deliciousness of the balsamic. That's how your eggplants will taste amazing! 
In the pan with the tomatoes already turned off, add the fresh ricotta, basil and eggplant.
Toss the pasta and eat! :)

Ricotta cheese is a soft cheese often used in Italian dishes. Ricotta has multiple health benefits that make it a great addition to your daily diet.


  • One half cup serving of whole milk ricotta cheese has 14 g of protein. This is 28 percent of your daily value of protein, which will help to build muscle.


  • Calcium is needed for strong bones, and is found in all dairy products. Ricotta cheese is no exception. A half cup serving has 257 mg of calcium, or 26 percent of your daily recommended value.

Omega Fatty Acids

  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are known for helping to prevent heart disease and cancer, and are healthy for the body. Ricotta cheese has 139 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 339 mg of omega-6 fatty acids per half cup serving.


  • One half cup serving of ricotta is a great source of phosphorus (20%), zinc (10%) and selenium (26%).


  • One serving of ricotta cheese is a good source of Vitamin A (11% daily value), Riboflavin (14%) and Vitamin B12 (7%).